Monday, March 23, 2009

Back into the swing of things...

Hi again!

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun break! Today classes resumed after spring break and everyone is (or attempting to) get back into the daily routine. I definitely needed a week off though and I had a great time being home and visiting my friends. At the beginning of the week I spent some time hanging out at home, going out to dinner and seeing some of my friends that were also home. On Thursday, I road-tripped it with my friend Brittany to visit my friend Erin at Syracuse University. It was a long drive but it was so much fun. Syracuse was a HUGE change from life at St. Mike's. SU is a pretty large university with a lot of fraternities and sororities, off campus housing, and it seems like everything is pretty spread out. It was so cool though to visit another school and I definitely had a lot of fun, but I missed my St. Mike's though. It was hard for me to imagine going to a school that big. I mean, Erin loves it and some people feel just as at home there as I do at SMC. But, I was certainly glad to come back last night to my quad and dining hall and everything within a 10 minute walk :)

I got in late last night and ordered some Wings Over Burlington. Probably my favorite food slash best wings ever and then I reunited with some friends and then went to classes this morning. Tomorrow I have my lab practical for my anatomy class....eeeekkk. I just got back from a help session and tomorrow's test will be on the muscles. Wish me luck. I'll need it. And right now I'm off to dance class to practice for the big show on SATURDAY!!! Everything is coming together really nicely and I hope I do well! I think my parents are going to come up to visit this weekend because on Monday I will be turning 20, thats right TWENTY years old. Ugh. Scary. But anyway, acceptance letters went out last week so hopefully everyone will be hearing and making their final decisions!! (cough* choose SMC *cough) I haven't posted pictures in a while so here's a picture of some of my roommates for next year and I at the Mardi Gras parade a couple weeks ago! I had so much fun. Also don't forget to send me any questions and check me out on twitter!! (I think I'm becoming a twitter-holic) Talk to you all later!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Springy Break..

Hi again!

Well the last week before break was busy busy of course. But I have a few pieces of wicked good news. I got accepted to be a tour guide for this spring and next year! Which means maybe some of you reading my blog will get to meet me in person (yes, I am real) when you sign up for a fabulous tour of SMC! I just have to shadow a few tours, attend tour guide training, and then sign up for as many as I want to give. I'm very excited to be involved in another aspect of the whole Founders Society and showing off everything that St. Mike's has to offer!

In other news, I made a Twitter!! If you haven't heard of Twitter don't be alarmed because before Drew, the Assistant Director of Admissions and King of All Things "Creepish" (ex. Facebook) , explained it to me ,I was thoroughly in the dark about this whole "Twitter Mania" thing. Twitter is kind of like Facebook without all the pictures and profile stuff and it's kind of like a series of updates. People can follow you and see what you are up to and leave you comments and things. I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out but I think it could be another really cool way to reach out to people and give people an inside look to what SMC life is really like. And, of course, another really cool way to creep people and see what they are doing all the time. I mean not that I want to or anything.... so, follow me, add me, or whatever it is you do on these social networking sites and I'll be really excited!!

I'm at home now in lovely Sagamore Beach. The weather is 50 degrees which is solid flip flop weather if you ask me. I drove home with my friend on Friday afternoon went out to dinner with my mom and then yesterday went out to dinner with my other friend from home to celebrate her birthday which was last Thursday. She goes to Syracuse University in New York and I'm currently trying to plan a trip to visit her this weekend if everything works out okay. I'm also in the midst of trying to convince my mom to post-pone my wisdom teeth extraction till the year 2056. It's doubtful that will happen but maybe I can put it off at least till summer? I don't know we'll see. I have a bunch of errands to run this weekend. One big priority is securing my job for this summer. Last summer, I worked at the Pine Hills Golf Club in Plymouth, MA as a beverage cart girl extraordinaire. I absolutely LOVED my job last summer so hopefully everything works out and I'll be cruising around in my snack cart serving golfers for yet another season! :)

But anyway, I'll update this again soon and I hope everyone has a great week. Talk to you later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh lovely vermont weather...

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Yesterday it was almost 50 degrees out and I was walking around in a long sleeve shirt and flip flops and I wake up this morning to blizzard like conditions. Okay maybe not blizzard like, but it was intensely snowing. Hopefully spring is right around the corner? Such a tease... But anyway...

It was the last weekend here on campus before we go home for spring break on Friday. Spring break could definitely not come at a more needed time. It's getting a little stressful around here with work for all the students so I'm sure everyone will be happy to go home and relax. I unfortunately will be getting my wisdom teeth out St. Patrick's Day which I'm wicked bummed about but hopefully I'll have a speedy recovery and its much better that I'll be dealing with it all at home on my couch.

This weekend was definitely awesome. On Friday, my brother came up to visit with a few of his friends. They're really funny guys so it was really good to see them. On Saturday I went to the lacrosse and hockey games in which the Knights came out on top for both! The lacrosse team beat Dominican College 13-1 while the hockey team won the NE-10 Championship 3-2 against Stonehill. There were a ton of students at both, especially the hockey game where the Student Association provided a bus full of fans to the game at Cairns Arena. It was sooo much fun and it was a great game to watch.

Yesterday was room selection which is always kind of stressful but I think its really fun and exciting to see where you're going to end up living for the next year. The suites and apartments are typically where Juniors end up, but there are no guarantees. Three of my girl friends and I decided to put in a ticket to request living in an 8 person suite with four other girls, as well as try for a four person apartment. It turns out one of the girls got a really great lottery number so we were able to get to live in Ethan Allen apartments next year. I'm so excited because Ethan Allen is on our North campus which is actually not even that far away from Main Campus, but there are shuttles every 15 minutes going back and forth so that won't be a big deal because North is a really cool place to live and everyone says you have to try it at least once. On top of being on North, Ethan Allen has a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. So needless to say, I'm so excited. It will be a nice change and I'm glad I got the whole room selection figured out and we actually scored a really nice deal out of the whole thing :).

In other news, now that swim practice is non-existent, the team has started to do alumni swim lessons for the kids of alumni parents and I think some staff members as well. Most if not all of the team has some sort of Lifeguarding, Swim Lesson teacher background so all the kids seem to really enjoy it and we have a great time being there too. I'm teaching Level 2 so my kids are little but so adorable. The only problem is having them stay in the cold pool for a half hour. I used to teach a lot of swimming lessons two summers ago so I've definitely missed it!

Also, the Celtic Knights have been anxiously preparing for The Concert For Saint Patrick, where I'll be dancing with the Celtic Knights as well as doing a little something for the McFadden Academy where I take classes as well. So if you're around March 28th you should come and we'd love the support!

So anyway, lots of things going on! I'll make sure to update everyone from home but until then have a great week and talk to you soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hello again!!

Things have been so crazy with everything lately but I'll try to recap. Championships were amazing!! The team did so well and everyone was happy with how they did and how the team did as a whole. We ended up getting 3rd overall only to Keene State and Bentley. And we received the inaugaral sportsmanship award for the weekend. It was a huge accomplishment and our coaches were really proud of us. Everyone was cheering on everyone else and its always so awesome to see how the team comes together during these stressful and important meets.I got to see my parents and family so thats always nice, of course, and I was able to go out to lunch with them in between sessions. Overall I'm so happy the season is over, but its amazing how well everyone did and how fast it went. We definatley need a break, but I'm excited to see how much the team can improve over next season.
So now that swimming is over, I'll have a lot more time on my hands to do work and get things organized. Celtic Knights are starting to get busy around this time and we have our upcoming show on March 28th so thats always exciting :). I also had my interview for becoming a tour guide this week as well, so fingers crossed, I'll be able to do that this spring or next year :)
This weekend was also an amazing weekend. Yesterday, a few of my friends and I went downtown to the Mardi Gras Parade on Church Street. It was so much fun!! There were so many people, the parade had so many cool/funny/kind of weird floats and they were throwing out beads and the crowd was great. I wasn't able to go to the parade last year so I was so happy I didn't miss out on it this time. It's definatley a great time.
So thats all for now, I'm looking forward to spring break which is fast approaching in two weeks!! If anyone has any questions please feel free to let me know and talk to you all soon!