Monday, December 15, 2008


Hi Everyone!

It's been quite sometime since my last post so I'll try to update everyone. The weekend after Thanksgiving break was spent at NE-10 championships at Southern Connecticut. It was a long meet, (3 days) but the team held together really well and we all had a great time!
Since then it has been a crazy week on campus with papers, and this week being finals week....eeek.
So I'm officially done with the fall semester of my sophomore year at St. Mike's. It's scary how fast it's going. It felt like just yesterday I was pulling in for orientation in August or preparing for my first day of classes. I don't even like to think about it because I'm going to be so sad to leave this place but I have a feeling I'm going to wake up as a spring semester senior and wonder where all the time has gone. But, on a happier note, I do have two years and a semester left, so I'm most definitely going to make the most of it :)
Today, I had my first final, which was varieties of Christianity. A lot of my friends were taking the same course so we had a nice little study sesh yesterday in the library. The library was actually packed yesterday, but I love it because there's always a quiet spot to find and when 8:30 roles around there's free coffee and cookies for a nice little study pick-me-up.
Also, the campus is so alive with tons of holiday cheer!! We had a nice little swim team Christmas gathering on Saturday and we all listening to Christmas music and dressed up. I wasn't feeling the whole Christmas season but now I most definitely am. We also got some serious snow last week which really adds to the whole effect :)
So now I should seriously study. I have Mass Communications and Society tomorrow, then Spanish, and the British Literature on Thursday. And then finally break! I'll keep everyone update on how things are going, and as always comments are always welcomed! Which reminds me...
Katharine left a great comment on my last post about swimming workouts. I'm so happy you're thinking of St. Mikes. First of all you should e-mail our awesome coach, Jim Donoghue and let him know you're interested. He'd love to hear from . Secondly, we practice from Monday-Friday 3:30-5:30. We ususally lift about two days a week just to keep us in shape. Our workouts can be challenging but they are honestly not hard to get through and we practice as a team so you always have a great support between our coaches and your lane-mates. (hi christine) I can definatley tell you more specifics if you need to, you can IM me mairead330 or facebook me :). Hope this helps!!

Have a great holiday everyone!!