Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is here!

Hello everyone and so sorry for the big break in posting!!

Spring has definitely hit SMC!! Right now it's 80 degrees and everyone is outside hanging out on the quad. It's beautiful!!

But anyway, I can hardly believe there are only two weeks left!! This is the final week of classes and then next week are exams. This weekend was a blast though. On Friday, I was in the MLK Talent Show, for Irish Dancing of course. There were so many great acts such as three guys doing the "Single Ladies " dance, and the winner was Maggie Ecker a sophomore who sang Whitney Houston's "I will always love you". She did such an awesome job and the entire auditorium was on their feet cheering for her. It was our P-Day weekend also which stands for "Preparation Day" but really it's a great excuse for Student Life to give us ton of free food, inflatables, and to have fun all day long. The entire 300's field was covered with big food tents, and inflatable bouncies and slip n slides. It was a really good way to almost end the year (I'm not quite ready to say it's over yet..:) And when I get some pictures I will post them here ASAP!

So two weeks and I'll be home for the summer! I found a job teaching swimming lessons and being a camp counselor on Martha's Vineyard and I could not be more excited. I love teaching lessons and MV is pretty much my favorite place on earth so I have a feeling it's going to be a great summer! :) I'm really looking forward to next school year living up North, swimming, and everything else! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and I will talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twenty years old!!

Hi everyone!

Well, I'm making my first blog post as a twenty- year old non teenager!! My birthday was on Monday and it was actually a really great day. The only bad part was I had an anatomy exam that morning which wasn't too fun but afterwards I went out to dinner with a few of my friends to Tiny Thai restaurant in Winooski. I had never had Thai food before but it was actually wicked good! I highly recommend the chicken Pad Thai which was a sweet noodley chicken kind of thing and I will most definitely be going back there soon :).

Christine's birthday was this weekend as well so it was a big birthday weekend for the SMC Bloggers! This weekend my parents came up for my Irish dancing show. The show went amazing and I didn't mess up or anything thank God. I'll actually post the video of it below. This was our hard-shoe performance that I did with four other SMC girls who also dance with me at the McFadden school. I think the music was really cool and everything went really well!

I can't figure out how to put into the maybe someone could assist me? (Drew?) But until then here's the link...

After the show my family and I went out to the Vermont Pub and Brewery and then my brother came up and stayed for the night. We just hung out around campus and the weather was so nice so everyone was outside. Saturday was gorgeous with like 60 degree weather. This week has been so crazy with everyone work-wise but at least the weather has been somewhat nice and everyone is looking forward to Spring!!

This afternoon I have my advising meeting to pick classes for next year, and then tour guide training. I'm thinking about taking, African American Literature and The Nineteenth Century, Writing for Media, Photography, and a Religion Class. I'm actually really looking forward to next year being on North Campus and being able to change things up a bit. I'm also REALLY excited to be a tour guide and be able to show people around campus and maybe even meet some of my blog readers :). So anyway, as always congratulations to all the possible members of the SMC class of 2013 (wow I'm getting old) and I'll talk to you all soon!!