Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

Hello again everyone!

It's been a little while since my last post but everything here has been going well :) I've been surviving my classes, barely, thanks to vertebrate anatomy, and swimming is starting to wind down and we're all getting focused for championships in two weeks!

Last Thursday, I headed to Smuggs to do some skiing in the afternoon with my friend Kim. I have to say my skiing is getting a lot better. (Friends, hold your comments) I'm starting to actually pick up the pace a bit and I didn't even fall once last time! Although the time before I had a couple of epic spills that would probably make up for it. On Friday, the team went down to Boston to compete in the MIT invitational. There were so many fast swimmers and a bunch of great teams there like Tufts, Williams and Wheaton to name a few. I had some really good swims and I was so excited to be at my favorite pool. MIT has such a great facility and my mom came to watch and brought me some goodies. :)

I love to hear that people are reading my blog. I had a comment last time about managing time and schedules. First years pick their classes in the summer at a summer registration day. At first, it's a little weird coming from a blocked, action packed high school day to being able to chose your classes and schedule them when you'd like. After the first semester you generally get a feel for what times you like and work all the ins and outs about which schedules fit you best. I tend to work best when my classes are in the morning and I'm done around 1 or 2. I tend to get really tired in the afternoon and I like to get my classes over with early. But some, or most students like to spread their classes out throughout the day or start them in the afternoon. Most classes have different time sections with different teachers so you can chose the ones that work out best for you. Our practice runs at 3:30 to 5:30 so if we have a class that runs past 4, we have the option of going at 5:30 am or a two hour time slot we may have during the day. 5:30 am isn't as horrible as it sounds and it actually wakes me up and it feels good having practice out of the way. (I know, I'm nuts.) From my understanding most sports teams have different options for classes that run late, and I know all Coaches are more concerned with academics and know that school always comes first. I hope that helps a little bit and please let me know if there are any more questions I can help you with :).

This weekend is a long weekend so a few students will be going home, but us dedicated swimmers are staying here on campus and relaxing, getting some work done and preparing for only 5 more practice days of the season!!! Today after practice, a few of the kids in my lane were playing around with an underwater camera and we got some really cool pics such as this one. You'll notice another fellow blogger Christine next to me on the right. It was only after a million tries I realized I have a hard time sinking slash holding my breath so I happened to ruin a couple good ones. But this one came out surprisingly well! But in any event, I hope everyone has a great weekend and great Valentine's Day. Keep those comments coming and I'll talk to you soon!