Saturday, December 19, 2009

You say goodbye, and I say hello...

So here it is.

I'm home. The semester is done. I know I've been awful short with the blogs the past month. But I'll try to update as best I can on the craziness that's occurred.

The semester came to a quick close. With two articles, a photojournalism picture story, a paper, a test, and a portfolio that was it. It was a crazy month of running around, finishing up, and then finally the dreaded goodbyes :( I'm off to Ireland in three weeks exactly from today. It's crazy how fast this semester went. It was such a learning semester for me. I learnt how to live up on North Campus and never miss the bus when it mattered...(some days a little dilly dallying lead to be a little late, nothing major), I learnt how to successfully write for The Defender, wrote some poetry, and took over 2,000 pictures for my photojournalism class. I learnt how to live in apartment with three of my best friends, cook and sometimes clean and make some delicious chicken parmesan (right, Ellen?) I had to be dedicated to my swimming and I learnt to be an upperclassmen, which in itself required some major growing up.

This week it hit me. I'd have to miss my professors that knew me by name not number and my friends I'd had since the very first day for a semester. I'd be missing the seniors who's leadership inspired me, a coach that helped me grow into not just a better swimmer but a better person, and most importantly the school that made me who I am today. I know I'll only be gone for six months and even in Ireland, I'll still be part of St. Mike's. It's still so weird to think that I'm going to leave the school I feel literally HOME at. I know it will be even more of a learning process and I'm so excited (and nervous) to see what this will all bring me.

I'm also excited that my abroad-er friends are returning home! My roommate Catie, studying in Denmark, made it home today!! I'll be seeing her hopefully this weekend. Just hearing her stories and seeing her pictures gets me excited. At St. Mike's we have such a great opportunity to study abroad. More than 30% of our students do it, and I've never heard any with regret. I'm hoping to take lots of pictures and enter some in the Global Eyes photo contest where students submit their pictures from abroad and the winners are hung in the library all year long.

The last few weeks I've been finishing up schoolwork and swimming but making the most of my last days for sure. We've had some cold and some snow but that's definitely something us Vermonters are not afraid of. :) Here's a picture of my roommates and I: Cassy, Sam, Me and Ellen. Clearly we're excited for the holidays! I was kicking myself though yesterday cleaning all the fake snow off the floor from our apartment. But, the decoration aftermath is a small price to pay for some Christmas cheer :)

I'm ridiculously excited for Christmas this year. Although, I am missing the swim team training trip to Puerto Rico. I've heard the weather will be 80 degrees, sunny and warm. So jealous. I'm so excited for them though. The training trip brings everyone closer as a team and every single person improves so much. I've been doing some Christmas shopping, too. Today, while walking by Lowe's in a shopping center there were fireworks?! It seems everyone's getting excited for the holidays, even Lowes. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. I'll be updating in the next week on packing, nerves, and whatever else may be on my mind. Congratulations to all of the seniors getting their acceptance letters to SMC! As always please comment, ask questions, or just say hi! Talk to everyone soon!