Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday!

Hello everyone!

This weekend could not have come soon enough. It was another stressful week here on campus but an eventful one to say the least! On Wednesday, I actually went downtown to Burlington City Hall to attend my first ever town meeting! My Mass Communication and Society class offered extra credit if we attended this meeting which focused on the country's switch from analog to digital television. It was really interesting to listen to the panel of selectmen as well as special guests Bernie Sanders, A Vermont senator, and FCC Commissioner, Michael Copps, discuss the upcoming changes. It was great to get off campus for a night and earn a little extra credit for my class too!

Great things are happening here on campus as well this weekend! There's a ton of socials, which are small get-togethers in our residence halls sponsored by our RA's and res life. Usually they'll show a movie, have some great food and are a great way to meet people in your dorm.

Which reminds me! I promised to write about the highlighter dance last weekend! Needless to say, it was a blast! Here's a picture of my roommate and my friend and I on our way to the dance. *Note the really cool aviators at night.

Everyone wore white tees and we were given highlighters at the dance. The entire Green Mountain Dining room was blacklight-lit and everyone had a great time.
Weekends are so much fun here on campus. Student life works really hard to provide a ton of fun activities to keep everyone busy Friday-Sunday. Every Friday, students receive an e-mail that tells everyone what different socials are happening in each residence hall, sports games, events happening downtown and, of course, the food that will be served. The Res Life staff braves the cold every Friday and Saturday Night to grill us free and delicious food from 11pm-1am in the quad. Tonight it's grilled chicken. I'm pumped.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend! On Sunday, the swim team has their first official meet at Bentley College in Mass! I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes! Talk to you soon!
xo Mairead

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And we're back...

Okay, so I seriously apologize for the lack in post-age. But, it's been crazy here on campus the past week or so. So much has been going on and everyone seems to be experiencing that time of year when you find yourself in the library more than your own room. This being said, I'm currently in the library right now. I have a big Varieties Of Christianity mid-term tomorrow at 10. (Wish me luck!) So I've been studying, or attempting to, most of the day. Except for a minor obstacle which included locking myself out my room and needing security to come and let me in. Thanks guys.

So this weekend was amazing because I got to go home for a few days during the Columbus Day break. We actually had today and yesterday off from classes which allowed most of the kids to go home. It was most a lot of students first time being home since August, so it was great to see some of my friends from home and, of course, have my lovely mother do my laundry! Thanks Mom! I came back yesterday to find a lonely 3rd floor but today it was bustling with everyone coming back with a slew of baked goods and other little surprises from home. Being away from home has made me realize the little things like laundry, and a good home baked snack that I so often took for granted in high school. I absolutley love living here at St. Mike's but its so nice to be able to go home for a little and just relax with the family :).

Swimming has been going quite well these past few weeks. Drew (you and probably half the world has already read his blog) came back this week to assistant coach! Needless to say, the team was very excited. Our first meet is coming up on October 26th at Bentley College in Mass. so we are all working our tails off. And, coming up next weekend, is the highly anticipated Highlighter dance!! Last year the swimmers were not able to go because of a meet so we are all sooo excited to be able to go this year! Dances are kind of a big deal here at school. Everyone usually goes and I hear they play awesome music and it's a great time! Next post I'll have to let you know how it went!!

I guess I better get back to studying, hope everyone is having a great week and don't hesitate at all to ask questions, or e-mail just to chat!

Mairead :)