Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Global Eyes...

Here are my submissions for the annual Global Eyes Photography Contest. Let me know what you think!

  • In the City Life category, "Daily Catch"

  • In the Humor category, "When Irish Cows Are Smiling"

  • In the Landscape category, "Under the Rainbow"


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do people stay on campus on the weekends?

Yes! Weekends are amazing on campus. Our student activities office plans awesome activities on campus that everyone sticks around for. Our student activities director sends out an e-mail each Thursday with activities happening at St. Mike's and around Burlington. From dances, ice skating, bowling and even fun socials on each residence hall floor, there's always something to do!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Knight Talk: Meg Flynn '12 with Common Ground!

Christine just recently had a Formspring question asking about an awesome group on campus, Common Ground. Megan Flynn, a junior, is a member of this inspiring group...

What is Common Ground?
Our mission statement reads, Common Ground’s goal is to promote social awareness, especially regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and ally issues. By embracing a gay-straight alliance, we can create a safe space for people of all sexualities, gender identities, and individualities within ourselves and the Saint Michael’s Community.

How can Common Ground benefit an SMC student?

Common ground can really open up the minds of students at SMC. Any stigmas any person has can be changed very quickly. At the weekly meetings CG likes to update on current events/issues which keeps us all up to date. Any LBGT or straight ally that is looking to share their ideas, feats, or thoughts can truly benefit by having the opportunity to share them.

What inspired you to be a part of this group?

I am friends with a lot of LGBT people as well as having a gay brother. I felt as a straight ally, I could help and learn a lot. I'm very glad I did!

What are some events Common Ground has sponsored?

This past November, we sponsored a Gregory Douglass Concert. We also sponsored a student- teacher meet and greet, President Neuhauser was there! There will tons more to come, keep an eye out for emails or check out the website !

What have you learnt from being a part of Common Ground?

I have really learned how deep words can cut, whether it be a gay slur that college students, especially, use in everyday speech can truly hurt a person. I have learned a lot about being able to open up and share my thoughts as a straight ally. But that doesn't mean I have similar fears as that of an LGBT person. This is a gay-straight alliance which I think a lot of students don't realize you don't have to be an LGBT person to join!
If you’d like to join, who would you contact? When does the club meet?

Just show up to the meetings Tuesdays at 6 in Eddies! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knight Talk with Emma Hauser '13 from the Aca Bellas!

Knight Talk with Emma Hauser '13 from the SMC Aca Bellas :)

  1. What are the Aca Bellas?
The Aca Bellas are the first all women A Capella group on the Saint Michael’s Campus. The Bellas are made up of about 17 female Saint Mike’s students, who all enjoy and excel at vocal performance. We all come from different backgrounds, and range in experience, which allows each girl to bring a different and new influence into the group.

  1. What kind of events do you girls sing at?
We perform at a variety of different events including benefits, performances with other on campus A Capella groups, athletic events, and school events such as parent’s weekend in the spring, and Friday Knight Dry. Our most recent performances include the a concert at a MOVE “Best Buddies” event, the “Make a Joyful Noise” benefit concert, and our final concert “Lending a Voice to Women Empowerment” at which all the proceeds benefitted Women Helping Battered Women.

  1. What has been your favorite event to sing at?
Each performance with the Bellas is a great experience because of the enthusiasm each member of the group brings when they are singing. But I would have to say that one of my favorite things we have done, would be singing in the mornings while students walk to class. Last semester we met on Thursday mornings at about 9:30 and stood near the paths to the academic buildings from Alliot. It was just our way of trying to brighten everyone’s morning as they went to class. I also really enjoyed opening for Mike Check and Sleepless Knights, because of the unity it brings between all the A Capella groups on campus.

  1. How do the Aca Bellas differ from the other singing groups on campus?
Well, the Aca Bellas are an all female group, which sets us apart from the other A Capella groups on campus. The Aca Bellas are also committed to giving back to the community. All of the proceeds from our concerts last year went straight to charity, and we plan to continue supporting both local and general charities for all of our future performances.

  1. When and how did the Aca Bellas become a club?
We became a club at the very end of fall semester 2010. In order to obtain club status we set up a meeting in front of the Student Association, and presented our Constitution. The Aca Bella constitution states the rules and regulations of the group. It states that as a club of Saint Michael’s College, we wish to provide entertainment to the Saint Michael’s College Community, and hope to reach out to the surrounding community and use our talents to benefit organizations and charities in as many ways possible. We presented our constitution and ended our presentation with a little performance. After our performance the members of S.A. voted and we became an official club!

  1. Who can try out for the Aca Bellas?
Any female Saint Michael’s Student is eligible to audition for The Aca Bellas. We advertise for auditions at the beginning of each semester, and ask that each student bring a short piece to sing in front of the board.

  1. How has being a part of the Aca Bellas benefitted you as a student? As a person?
Being part of the Aca Bellas has not only helped my time management but has given me a much stronger work ethic. Our group spends a large amount of time working not only together, but working independently in order to learn our music and achieve the professional sound we are hoping to produce. As a person, I have grown to understand much more about the different backgrounds the students at our school come from. Each of us brings a different musical perspective to the table, and each idea is received with positivity. Not only are we a music group, but we quickly bond to become each other’s support group when in need. We learn to listen, we learn to take advice, and we learn to voice our opinions, because we each offer something different to the group.
Check out the Aca Bellas Facebook Page!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knight Talk with Catie Watt '11 from Women's Swimming!

For this week's "Knight Talk", I interviewed my fellow teammate and friend Catie Watt. This weekend, the swim team competed in our last home meet of the season. For us senior swimmers, it was our "Senior Meet" and our last time racing at the St. Mike's pool. We've had a great season and we are looking forward to swimming fast at Championships in two weeks. :)

1. How long have you been swimming?
I have been swimming competitively since I was 8 years old, and I have been on the SMC swim team since freshman year!

2. What is the hardest thing about participating in a sport in college?
The hardest part about participating in a sport in college is definitely balancing both academics and the sport. Since we practice two hours a day every day with additional meets on the weekends, it can take up a lot of time so it's important to make sure you keep a good balance with both academics and athletics and make sure you manage your time really well.

3. What has been your favorite memory with the swim team?
My favorite memories with the swim team have been the training trips we have been on every year. My Freshman and Sophomore year, we went to Florida. My Junior year, we went to Puerto Rico and my Senior year, we went to Washington D.C. While the training trips are hard work, its so fun to be in a exotic location with your teammates working hard, exploring the sights and traveling somewhere outside of Vermont. The training trips are also a great time for the team to bond during the hardest part of our season.

4. What is your favorite race?
My favorite race is the 200 free. I love sprinting events and I especially love the 200 free because it's not a super short event but it's not considered a distance event either. It's the perfect amount of laps of sprinting!

5. Do you find it hard to balance academics and athletics?
Sometimes I do find it hard,especially when I have a lot of work, but swimming has taught me to manage my time really well. If I know I have a lot of work coming up, I get started on it early so I am still able to attend practices and get all of the work done. Our coach is very understanding though about making sure academics come first, so if you have to miss a practice or a meet because of class or school, it is not a problem.

6. How has being a senior differed from being a newbie on the team?
Being a senior, I have had four years of experience being on the swim team and I know the routine now. I also know what it takes and what needs to get done to swim better. Since this is my last year of swimming, I know I want to do my best and preform well in each meet, so I know I need to work hard in each practice to do my best.

7. Do you have any advice for students wondering if they should try out for a sport?
If you currently play a sport in high school and are interested or thinking about playing in college, I would definitely e-mail the coach of the sport that you want to play. Even if you aren't entirely sure if you want to play, the coach can let you know how the sport runs, what you need to do and give you more advice. Also, when you come to visit, if you can catch a game/ meet and watch the current team, you can also some insight on what the team is like.