Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knight Talk with Ryan Magee '11 from the Varsity Tennis team!

Why did you choose to play a varsity sport at St. Michael's?

I chose to play tennis at St Mikes because I enjoy being part of a team and competing at a high level in athletics.

How do you balance doing your schoolwork and participating in tennis?

I balance my work and tennis by keeping my time somewhat organized and not doing many things that are not necessary to do in a day. I don’t have a lot of free time during the season.

What kind of team activities does your own team participate in?

My sophomore year my team went to Hilton Head, SC for a Spring Break training trip. During the season we do team dinners/movie nights with the girls tennis team and try and do a mixed doubles tournament once a year.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing a varsity athlete at St. Michael’s?

The biggest challenge facing me as an athlete is staying healthy for both of my seasons, the tennis team plays in the spring and fall. In general I feel that the biggest challenge is maintaining the balance of athletics, school and social life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knight Talk with Siobhan Lavery '11 about 'Not In Our Home' panel discussion

I've been attending some powerful and moving events this year. It amazes me how our SMC Community has been so involved and taking their own initiative to make changes in our world. Last week, I attended the Dear Hilary Campaign and last night I attended a discussion panel called "Not In Our Home", a campaign to stop bullying, hateful words and actions on our campus and in our own lives. The panel discussion, created by senior Siobhan Lavery in conjunction with Common Ground , came in light of the several tragic suicides of teens across our country due to hateful words and actions. The panel consisted of SMC faculty and student members talking about their own experiences with hurtful words and their ideas on how to stop them in our community. The event was incredibly informative and hopefully inspired many SMC students to take responsibility to stop bullying and hate on our own campus. I was able to ask a few questions to Siobhan about her opinions about the event.

Why did you decide to hold this panel?
After attending the common ground meeting the week of Tyler Clementi's death, I talked to my committee and decided that we wanted to do something. The idea for a panel discussion came in later in a discussion with my roommate. Originally the idea was to include speakers from off campus, but after more discussion we figured it would be more pertinent to have speakers who the community knew.

How did you decide who would be on the panel and who would be speaking?
We asked Dave Landers because of his expertise, and Mark Litchfield because of his association with Common Ground and his personal experiences. Sam was chosen because of her work with the OutRight association. Kasey and Mike were chosen because we wanted different gender perspectives from two people who were openly gay.

How did you personally feel connected to the recent tragedies and suicides due to bullying, hazing, and harmful words?
I think that when there are any teenagers that are committing suicide, we have to ask ourselves why. These deaths are preventable. I think about the students that could come into my classroom, and the struggles that they have. It is our responsibility to make their voices heard, to support them. This isn't about sexual orientation; its about people.

What was your favorite or most significant part of the night?
My favorite part was when Sam asked the straight allys to come out of the closet. I think it was just so powerful to see how many people really are in support of each other within our own community.

What was the main message that the event was trying to convey to our community and our students?
The point of the evening really was to show that we aren't immune. This could happen here. Because of that, it is up to all of us to act out, to protect each other and our community. This isn't something that we can push over to other people, but is something we have to take direct control of.