Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When did it become November?

Hello again everyone!
The weather has been so weird lately. Last week it was about 50 degrees and today I'm quite chilly. Gotta love Vermont. So after a slight break in posts there's lots to catch everyone up on!

Swimming season is in full swing. We had our second home meet of the season this weekend and the girls won by ONE point. yes. one. It was amazing! We had some great competition against Skidmore and I had a lot of friends come support! Athletics are a pretty big deal here. The men's hockey team also had I believe there season home opener this weekend as well. Basketball has three games in four days coming up...wowww. Here are some pictures I took of the swim meet on Sunday :) I checked out a telephoto close up lens and used one of the pictures for my photojournalism assignment!

Yesterday we had another swim meet vs. Norwich. It was also a Founders Society meeting, so I had to miss the meeting which I wasn't too excited about because they had cupcakes. :(
Founders Society is the club on campus that works with prospective students and admissions. If you're applying to St. Mike's you've probably already come into contact with one or several Founders members. They're always outgoing, friendly, and love to talk about SMC! I've been giving a few tours lately and I have to say this years prospective students are smart, athletic, personable and great all around kids. I'm excited too see what next years incoming freshman will bring. Which reminds me I'm applying to be an orientation leader for next fall! Orientation for St. Mike's happens the week before classes start in August. Orientation leaders organize orientation groups and activities for first years to get to know one another. Some events include the freshman dance (always a HUGE turnout!), hypnotists, ice breakers, and some informational things like library tours etc. They also help you move in alll of your stuff on the first day!(something I wish I had for the rest of my years here!) I'm excited to hopefully be a part of it.
This week is Hunger and Homelessness awareness week which is sponsored by M.O.V.E (Mobilization Of Volunteer Efforts). This week there are a bunch of food drives, speeches, and even a "shack" in the middle of the quad that students can stay in for an hour/day and even overnight! I stayed in the shack last year but this year I'll be attending one of the talks for my Writing for Media class. I've had to do a lot more out of class assignments this semester but I've found I learn a lot more from going and experiencing something myself rather than just sitting and hearing about it. It's something I've definitely had to learn how to manage my time this semester but looking back I've also learnt so much!

So anyway, this semester is flying by for me. I can't even fathom that I'm going to be in a completely different country and culture this time next semester. It's funny where life takes you. I've been keeping in touch with my friends from Ireland and I'm excited to see them over there.
I promise to keep you all posted on how the last few weeks of my semester go! Things are going to start picking up work wise but hopefully I'll be able to get everything done for finals, move out, pack, and somehow find my way to Ireland all in one piece. It's going to be quite interesting :) I hope everyone has a lovely restful Thanksgiving and talk to you soon!