Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knight Talk with Sarah Silverman '11 from the Ski and Snowboard Club!

One of my favorite events on campus is jib fest sponsored by the ski and snowboard club. I was able to talk to a really cool skier chick, Sarah, all about the club and the awesome events they put on throughout the year!

1.What activities does the ski and snowboard club sponsor on campus?
The ski and snowboard club sponsors Jibfest, a big event on campus where skiers and snowboarders compete on the 300's field performing tricks and skills off of a snow mound, ramp and rail that we build ourselves. We hold bbqs at the base of the mountain which are free for all ShredMC members, and we host ski and snowboard movie premiers throughout the year. We also sponsor another "rail jam" during the spring semester.

2. What are some of the benefits of being part of such a large club on campus?
There is always a ride to the mountain, a few members are now van certified so vans will be available for those without rides to the mountains. You can always find someone to go skiing with.

3. What has been your favorite memory with the club?
Well one of my top memories with the club is winning 1st for girls at JibFest but thats tooting my first horn. Honestly, I love everything about the ski and snowboard club and some of my fondest memories were made freshman year when I met all the great shredders I am now friends with.

4. How do you balance school work and skiing in the winter?
I have to take responsibility for my work and time, planning my schedule solely around school work and skiing. If you arent responsible with your time, then you don't deserve the reward to hit the slopes.

5. What made you want to join the ski and snowboard club?
Well I love skiing, and I know most of the goofiest people come from the ski and snowboard club. I wouldn't wanna surround myself with anything less than the bunch of friends I met through the club.