Monday, July 12, 2010

The Island Life...

A little more than a month ago I boarded a plane leaving behind one of the best experiences I ever will have in my life. Leaving Ireland, I gained a new perspective about the world, some amazing friends I will have for life and 15 extra kilos in oversize luggage. I was only "home" to see my friends and family for about a week and a half when I quickly dusted off my summer clothes and headed for another place I call my "home", Martha's Vineyard.

I can't remember the first time I went to the island, but I think I was about six when my Auntie rented her first house in Edgartown. It's funny that when you are little, everything looks a lot different then it does now. I remember renting bikes with training wheels, going to my now favorite place The Seafood Shanty, and my 4 year old brother discovering his favorite food was lobster at an alarming young age. Ever since then, I've been back almost every summer and its amazing how the experience is completely different each time.

This summer, I came to the island to live with another family and embark on another unknown experience. Although I was in the same country, state, and only within a few miles and a short ferry ride away, I still found myself having the same nerves and feelings as if I was going abroad. Since then, I've settled in and realized I had absolutely nothing to worry about because so far it's been an amazing summer.

I've seriously lucked out living with a great, welcoming family and being able to babysit such funny and cute little kids! I've also been working on an internship for a company called What's Up Martha, doing social media work, public relations and throwing some fun events on the island! I've met new friends and met up with some of the old while just thinking how lucky I am to experience such a great place for the summer. During the day while the parents are at work, I take the kids to the beach, library or any other adventures they might feel upto. I have a new found appreciation for my own mom taking us to the beach when we were little. It's not easy carrying boogie boards, towels, pales, shovel, coolers, and kids to the beach and then packing it all up again after a few hours!

Right now, my Mom, Aunt and Uncle, and cousin are here to visit for the week :) Last night, we were talking about graduation and I couldn't help but feel completely overwhelmed thinking about leaving St.Mike's and traveling into full force adult-hood. I'm so excited to get back to St. Mike's and see all of my friends that I haven't seen in almost a year! But at the same time, I don't want to be wishing away anything and I think I have so much more to learn. I'm so excited for the incoming freshman because they have the best years of their lives ahead!

So that's just a little update for now! Here are some pictures I've been taking the past few weeks. The island has had amazing weather...perfect for artsy pictures! Another reminder to anyone at all if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me ( , formspring me (on the right) and ask away. Talk to you all soon!

A beautiful beach in Chilmark, up island...

Edgartown harbor at night

The kiddies hard at work at the beach :)