Friday, October 30, 2009

Rainy Friday....

Hi all!

Today's another rainy Friday :( I feel like we've been having lots of those lately. Last night was our first Blogger Chat of the year. It went really well! We had a lot of good questions and talked to a bunch of interesting students...Blogger Chats are fun and great ways to meet current students.
This week has been busy as always. I'm kind of working backwards but oh well. Yesterday I had religion class, writing for media where we were assigned to cover one interesting aspect of halloween and write a narrative story on it. I think I'm going to write about either how costume stores prepare for the halloween season or how maintenance and public works departments handle the halloween after-math clean up. Haven't decided yet. Then I went to poetry class, swim practice, a Defender meeting where I picked up my story for next weeks paper, and then to the blogger chat. Wednesday we had our Founders Society meeting. I got to decorate with candy...favorite activity...drink apple cider and eat cupcakes :). Monday and Tuesday were busy days as well taking pictures for my Photojournalism "Classmate" assignment. Our teacher assigned us a classmate to use pictures to tell their story. It was really hard trying to capture good moments and a lot of work but I think mine came out okay...hopefully.
Today I'm just doing some laundry and then I'm going to Montreal tonight for the Jay-Z concert! I'm so excited! And tomorrow is the Halloween Dance which everyone on campus gets excited for. I'll be sure to update everyone and post lots of pictures in my next post! Until then I hope everyone has a safe and fun halloween weekend! Talk to you soon!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Almost Halloween!!

Hi all!

It's that fabulous time of year again...almost Halloween! And I couldn't be more excited! I just got back from going costume shopping with my roommate and the stores were crazy to say the least. I'm going to be Alice in Wonderland this year but I have yet to find a good costume. I'm thinking a home-made one might have to do the trick....
But anyway it was very busy past couple of days for me :) I'll start with my most exciting events first...
Thursday I went to A Taste Of Ghana, a dinner and fundraiser for SMC students traveling to Ghana, West Africa for their West African drumming class. (yes, you can get college credit for doing awesome things such as African drumming...) We ate some Ghanan food, very spicy but delish, and learned a dance to the drumming beats. I have a new found love for African drumming, seriously YouTube it, it's great.
Things have been busy with swimming of course! On Monday we have our inter-team meet. We practice everyday from 4-6 and we've added some lifting and dryland to our workouts. I've also been getting into photography club along with my photojournalism class and finding that I love taking pictures. I've written two stories for The Defender, our college newspaper, and writing some interesting (not the best) poetry in my Poetry Writing Workshop class. Mid-terms are approaching for most of my classes, I had one last week, so I've definitely been spending lots of time in the library!
Last weekend, I was a tour guide at our Academic Preview Day. The day is like an open house, with a tour, and admission counselors available to talk about the school but also they've added a new aspect to the program with students being able to learn more about academic subjects and specific majors. The day went off perfectly and I was able to meet a lot of perspective students.
We're also having a blogger chat THIS THURSDAY!!!! Blogger chats are a GREAT way to have your questions answered and just to chat with some of the bloggers, and me of course. (They're not creepy either, I sware.)
So next weekend I have some big news as well, I'm going to MONTREAL on Friday to see Jay-Z perform at the Belle Centre! I've never been to Montreal but it's only about an hour and a half away maybe closer from campus and a bunch of students go to Montreal for a little vacation away from VT. I'm soooooo excited. Then when I come back on Saturday it's the Halloween dance!!! Usually, the swim team has a meet that weekend so I'm so excited we'll be able to go this year. I'm sure I'll have many pictures and stories for you all to share :)
This morning I was able to Skype with my friend Catie studying abroad in Denmark. I miss her loads but I can tell she's having an awesome time! As for my Ireland update, I'm starting to get my things together for going in just a few months. Scary that I'll be in a completely new place for so long, but I'm excited to be able to try new things and see some of my family over there.
I know most of the college seniors are starting to narrow down their applications. Please let me know if you have any questions at all, I love getting facebook messages, IM's or e-mails!!! Hope everyone has a great week and talk to you all soon!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October break!

Hello again,

Sorry for the slight break in posts! Things have been crazy leading up to the break! I've been doing lots of work for my journalism classes; Photojournalism and Writing for Media I. Last week, my story on the admissions program "Coffee With a Counselor" was in our school's newspaper "The Defender" you can check it out here!

So let's recap a bit...

Fall is in full bloom here in Vermont! The leaves look beautiful and this time of year is one of my favorites at SMC. There are so many things to do like apple picking (I'm going next weekend!), hiking, pumpkin picking...etc. Vermont is a prime area for all sorts of fun fall activities! A weekend or two ago, I went on a swim team trip to Stowe, Vermont. The team stayed in a precious ski-dorm and we did some team bonding activities like develop our social and team contracts. The next morning we woke up early and hiked to the top of Stowe. It was definitely a challenge for a clumsy person like myself...but I actually only fell once! (My coach was incredibly surprised...) Here's a picture of my friend Kaytlyn and I on the top of the mountain!

Right now, I'm enjoying a semi-relaxing break at home. Although I absolutely love weekends and life at SMC the October break couldn't come at a better time. It's good to get away and have home-cooked food and be able to sleep in my own bed :) I was able to get a ride with my next door neighbor and my friend. It's usually really easy to find rides back and forth from SMC. Leading up to the October break there are usually a ton of e-mails and ad's on our classified website KnightsList for people needing/giving rides to MA, NH, VT, NY etc. St. Mike's students are always friendly and willing to give rides in exchange for gas money or just some company! :)

So that's it for now! I'll be sure to update you on all the craziness to follow in the next coming weeks! Also, I'm starting to get things all ready for going to Ireland next semester...I was accepted to my program in Galway, Ireland and sent in my intent to enroll form this week...So I guess I'm really going haha!! Hope everyone has a nice relaxing Columbus Day and talk to you all soon!